Simon LeBon - Drum
Simon LeBon - Drum (cover)
Released 1987
1987 Drum Trader Ltd.
Format DVD-R
[Bootleg. Fan´s made. Excellent documentary about Simon´s adventures on board the famous yacht, Drum. The Fastnet race is a yachting race in the United Kingdom. It is considered one of the classic offshore races. It happens every two years, and is a course of 608 miles. The course is unusual, as it begins off Cowes, and finishes in Plymouth. It goes from Cowes to the Fastnet Rock, which they round, and then back to Plymouth via the south side of the Scilly Isles ...]
ukSimon LeBon - Interview 91
Simon LeBon - Interview 91 (cover)Simon LeBon - Interview 91 (back cover)
Released 1991
Format 7" single
Catalog nr. SLB 7
[White vinyl with no sleeve. Same interview on both sides. Black labels. Small center hole. Matrix/Runout: SLB 7-1 A PORKY PRIME CUT ORLAKE*, SLB 7-1 A PORKY PRIME CUT ORLAKE*]
Interview (talks about 4 On The Floor)
Simon LeBon - Dream Boyz (Theme For Love Kills)
Simon LeBon - Dream Boyz (Theme For Love Kills) (cover)
Released 1999
Format CD-R
[Bootleg. Fan´s made?]
Quality 10
Dream Boyz, Dream Boyz (Acoustic version), Dream Boyz (Love Kills video dub), Dream Boyz (Alternate version), Dream Boyz (Video)
ruSimon LeBon - The Story
Simon LeBon - The Story (cover)Simon LeBon - The Story (back cover)
Released 2000
2000 DD Fan Club
Format CD
Catalog nr. DPRO-29745-2
Quality 10
Grey Lady Of The Sea (with Nick Wood), Magic Bus (with Nick Wood), This Is How A Road Gets Made, Follow In My Footsteps (with Sussana Hoffs), Dreamboyz (with Nick Wood), Notorious (with Chic), God (London), To That Dance (with Nile Rodgers), Ordinary World (with Luciano Pavarotti), Do They Know It´s Christmas (Band Aid), Save A Prayer (with Tony Hadley), Linger (with Dolores O´Riordan), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Simon LeBon - Dreamboy
Simon LeBon - Dreamboy (cover)Simon LeBon - Dreamboy (back cover)
Released 2001
Format CD-R
[Bootleg. Fan´s made.]
Quality 9
Dreamboy (Original version), Dreamboy (Alternative version), Dreamboy (Acoustic version), Dreamboy (Love Kills video dub), Dreamboy (Live version), Magic Bus
jpSimon LeBon - LeBon Story
Simon LeBon - LeBon Story (cover)Simon LeBon - LeBon Story (back cover)
Released 2009
2009 DD Fan Club
Format CD-R
Catalog nr. DPRO-29775-2
[Unofficial Release.]
Quality 10
Grey Lady Of The Sea, Magic Bus (Nagi Mix), This Is How A Road Gets Made, Follow In My Footsteps (w/ Susanna Hoffs), Already Gone (Demo), Dream Boyz (Acoustic Version), Magic Bus (Akaku Mix), God (London) [uncensored], Save A Prayer (w/ Sylvio Anastacio), Dream Boyz (Soundtrack Version), Nobody Knows, Save A Prayer (Radio Edit) (by Tony Hadley), Do They Know It´s Christmas? (12" Mix) (by Live Aid), Do That Dance (w/ Nile Rodgers), Notorious (Live) (w/ Chic), Linger (Live) (w/ Dolores O´Riordan), Ordinary World (Live) (w/ Luciano Pavarotti), Save A Prayer (Album Version) (by Tony Hadley)
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