usHitline USA
Duran Duran - Hitline USA (cover)Duran Duran - Hitline USA (back cover)
CD-R radio
Released 1.3.1987
Format CD-R
[Nick, Simon and John answer to fans on Hitline USA radio show. Bootleg. Fan´s made.]
Quality 5
Interview, Skin Trade, Interview, Wild Boys, Interview, Notorious, Interview, A View To A Kill, Interview, The Reflex
czWeekend With Duran Duran
Duran Duran - Weekend With Duran Duran (cover)
CD-R radio
Released 2008
Format 2CD-R
[Bootleg. Fan´s made. Radio broadcast with Duran Duran´s history in Czech language. Radio Kiss98, Czech republic.]
Quality 9
CD1: Come Undone, Notorious, The Reflex, Hungry Like The Wolf, Perfect Day, Save A Prayer, Wild Boys, Someone Else Not Me, Careless Memories, A View To A Kill
CD2: Ordinary World, Is There Something I Should Know?, Rio, Femme Fatale, Girls On Film, Planet Earth, Come Undone
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