deDancing On The Valentine
Duran Duran - Dancing On The Valentine (cover)
Released 10/1984
1984 Picture Music International/Castle Music
Format EP VHS
Catalog nr. CMVG 5016
The Reflex, Union Of The Snake, New Moon On Monday
Duran Duran - Decade (cover)
Released 11/1989
1989 Picture Music International
Format VHS
Catalog nr. CMV 1140
Planet Earth, Girls On Film, Hungry Like The Wolf, Rio, Save A Prayer, Is There Something I Should Know?, Union Of The Snake, The Reflex, Wild Boys, A View to a Kill, Notorious, Skin Trade, I Don´t Want Your Love, All She Wants Is
deThree To Get Ready
Duran Duran - Three To Get Ready (cover)
Released 10/1990
1990 BMG
Format VHS
EAN 4007197904674
Catalog nr. 790 467
[29 minutes version.]
Footage of Duran Duran preparing for their 1987 Strange Behaviour tour.
ukExtraordinary World
Duran Duran - Extraordinary World (cover)
Released 1994
1994 Picture Music International / EMI
Format VHS
EAN 724349114630
Catalog nr. 724349114630
[PAL system. Approx. total running time 73 min.]
Duran Documentary, Ordinary World, Come Undone, Too Much Information, Breath After Breath, Violence Of Summer, Serious
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